The industry of agricutlural machinery RAMPALAKOS A.A. is one of the greatest in this field and was established in 1969. Very fast it gained the first place in sales, because of its product quality, great prices and perferct service. From 1985 RAMPALAKOS A.A. industry is exclusively concerned in olive harvester and stick manufacture. Continuous research, product quality, detailed design, our fine staff, 2 years product guarantee and direct delivery, are the secrets to our industry’s success.

After years of research, RAMPALAKOS A.A. industry designed the RAMPALAKOS vibrational rod (T type and straight) which does not hurt the tree, does not drop its leafage and does not tangle with branches. The result is a more efficient olive collection and a fine tree treatment.

RAMPALAKOS A.A. can carry its products all over Greece and has as a goal to export them in European Community and all over the world.